Reading is fundamental!!!

Wall of books a 10 meter high wall in amsterdam west, designed with ceramic books !!

Beautiful!!!! <3

Underwater museum on Isla Mujeres, Mexico !!


Blue monkey

The blue monkey or diademed monkey (Cercopithecus mitis) is a species of Old World monkey native to Central and East Africa, ranging from the upper Congo River basin east to the East African Rift and south to northern Angola and Zambia. It sometimes includes the Sykes’, silver, and golden monkey as subspecies.


Pleneau Bay Glacier, Antarctica

Photograph by Eric Meola

Light playing off a glacier creates otherworldly hues in Pleneau Bay in Antarctica’s Lemaire Channel. Photographer Eric Meola got this shot as he was in a Zodiac off the cruise ship Ocean Nova in December 2011. “As we floated up to an enormous iceberg, we went a bit too close and made gentle contact,” he says, “just long enough for me to peer at the underside, which was being carved out and sculpted by the sea and waves.”