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11 plant based foods that help the smooth functioning of gastrointestinal tracts. This leads to efficient nutrient absorption, quick processing and disposal of waste helping flush out impurities and toxins, ease constipation, help detoxification, and rejuvenate the entire digestive system.

Senna Leaves- increase fluid activity, softening elimination for ease of movement

Buckthorne Bark- eases co

nstipationTriphala- detoxification

Peppermint Leaves- curbs gas and fights spasms in your intestional tract

Psyillium Husk- detox, cleanses and refreshes your total digestive system

Acacia Gum- loose bowels and refreshes the digestive tract

Papaya- breaks down food so your digestive system doesnt have to struggle

Aloe Vera- alkalize digestive juices and help the colon flushing out impurites and mucus

Fennel Seed- gas releif, gastrointestional calming and cramps

Slippery Elm- coats irritated digestive system lining

Ginger Root- prevents indigestion. It can help prevent muscle spasms in the colon.