Gorgeous!!! <3

Black Panther – a typical melanistic color of any species of big cats.

In Latin America, a Black Panther is just a melanistic jaguar; in Asia and Africa it’s a black leopard, and in North America it may be black jaguars or pumas. By the way, it has been proven that black cats have a more balanced nervous system and faster response than other colors of cats.

4 thoughts on “Gorgeous!!! <3

  1. When I started in college I wanted to study black jaguars at Alan Rabinowitz jaguar preserve at Cockscomb. Then I realized I was no good at math and changed majors to English and Philosophy. LOL 🙂

  2. Wow! My son LOVES big cats – animals in general – but at the age of only 10 he has spent amazing amounts of time researching big cats and has developed an intense interest in conservation. He yearns to save the animal world ! I would love to give him this photo – with your permission. Magnificent animal, gorgeous photo (despite the bars) !

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