Great Idea… Rain Gutter Bookshelves and Hanging Gardens!!!

Introducing: Rain Gutter Bookshelves and Hanging Gardens!!!

Ok, so this project kind of just fell out of the sky.  I came across it while “conducting online research”.. 😉

I instantly liked this idea for many reasons.

  • affordable
  • helps to organize clutter
  • space saver
  • “do-it-yourself”
  • looks nice

Getting organized relieves stress. Trying to work in a cluttered chaotic environment increases stress. Being organized just means that everything has a “home”, a specific space. Being organized will make a world of difference daily routine. It will limit the amount of stress you feel on an ongoing basis.

Being creative is a good mental exercise. Imagination is fun and healthy for your psyche. Be creative and enjoy different looks. This will boost your morale, make you happier,  and reduce stress.

It seems easy enough to customize this project to your specific needs. Use the shelves for magazines, filing, or organizational purposes. Also, try filling in empty wall space by decorating adding decorative candles, pictures, or “knick knacks”. Whatever may work  you! 🙂

The basic steps are:

1) Buy gutter

2) Saw in half

3) Glue on end caps

4) Snap in brackets

5) Hang and stock with whatever you wish



For more information, here are the  links:



Good Luck!!!

Happy Hanging!!! 🙂


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