Take your camera for a walk!!!

One of the best ways to capture a memory is to photograph it. The quickest way to lose yourself in a happy memory is by reflecting on a picture or an album. Here are 5 tips to releasing your stress through photography:

1. Take yourself on a photo walk with your camera. Just 10 minutes is all you will need. Go slow.. Breathe.. Really look around.. Take photos of all the details along the way. Get closer to your subject and take more photos. This is a walking photo meditation.

2. Look for power signs. The universe is sending you messages everywhere all the time.  What do these signs mean to you? What is the universe saying to you?

3. Pick a time of day and schedule taking one photo. Be mindful of your time. Focus while taking the photograph. Be aware as you look through the viewfinder.

4. Visual gratitude list through photography. Take photos of all the people, places, and things in your life that mean something to you. Try to narrow your list to at least 5 things. Even ONE thing is a great starting point. Do this on a regular basis. It will help shift your attention from all the stress in your world, to all the heartfelt important things that actually matter.

5. Write a list. What does a list have to do with photography? Complete the first task on the list. Then get up and walk away.Come back with fresh eyes. Take your camera and find an interesting view or subject and take the picture it is that easy. Following this routine can help bring more joy into your life. Get creative about the photos you take. Try anything from a self-portrait in the  in the mirror down to your feet outside in the grass. Try something new. Let go.

Photography is a great tool to release stress. It will redirect your attention from whatever is stressing you. It will help you will become more centered and productive. Once you look at the Camera as an escape from beneath your pile of stress,  you will feel happiness and peace growing within.

Again, the most important part of this activity is to enjoy yourself. Do not get caught up in worrying if the pictures are good or bad, just enjoy yourself. Even the best photographers take multiple shots before displaying their best shots. Once you get familiar with your camera and technique it will be like second nature.

Happy picture-taking!!! 🙂


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